Oliver4When Commitment Plays Key Role, Audiences Notice

Rebecca Holden … delivers the most supercharged rendition of ‘As Long as He Needs Me’ imaginable.

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The Tennessean by Kevin Nance

And then it happens.  Rebecca Holden steps on the stage and sings Nancy’s hymn to doomed love and you feel your eyebrows singed by the heat of her awesome commitment.

Holden nails the song with her rich voice, and – far more important – she acts it to the hilt.  If you’ve thought of this tune as a pleasant little ballad, she disabuses you of the notion; she reveals it as a desperate cry of the heart from a woman ferociously affirming her affection for a brute, despite her full knowledge that he’s likely to kill her.”

DY1“This is the most thrilling performance that you’ll ever hear in a theater production.”

Kevin Nance, Theatre Critic

Nashville Scene

Rebecca as “Lola” in Damn Yankees


“She’s always prepared, always ready to go,” he says. “And there’s absolutely no diva-esque behavior at all. She works so hard, and is always the last person to leave rehearsal.  I wish I could clone her.”

Jeff Ellis, Theatre Director

Nashville Scene

Grove’s ‘5 & Dime’ worth a visit
U-Daily Bulletin

The play belongs to … Holden.  Holden impeccably gives the play its necessary antagonistic catalyst as cool-as-a-cucumber Joanne, through whom truths must inevitably be acknowledged.”

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Revealing reunion
U-Daily Bulletin

Rebecca was awarded Best Actress for Excellence in Theatre by the Inland Theater League for her performance in “Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean”.

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